Hey, I’m April. 23. Born, and raised in the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina. I just graduated from Wake Forest University and now I’m getting my Master’s degree in Heritage Management in Greece from the University of Kent (in the UK) and Athens University of Economics and Business. Anthropology major, Classical Studies and Dance minors. I hope to someday be a curator and possible a museum director. Recovered from an eating disorder and still trying to deal with that. Democrat. Liberal. Pansexual. Blonde. I love fashion, photography, all things nautical, all things preppy, nail polish, makeup, being outside, staying motivated, having fun, long hair, blonde hair, shopping, dancing, gossiping, luxury, pets, glamour, Tiffany & Co., New York, San Francisco, Paris, Athens, Rome, Vegas, F. Scott Fitzgerald, lipstick, couture, sarcasm, Diet Coke, hot tea, documentaries, traveling, candles, coffee, fruit, warm summer nights, cold winter parties exploring„ polaroids, organization, Raybans, Audrey Hepburn, Friends, Harry Potter, reading, boots, 35mm, films, live music, and spending time on Tumblr. You can always search my blog for “personal” or “me” if you’d like to know more.